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Music with its* *instantaneous pleasing effect can be an answer to India Very few people know about the music therapy,else have very little knowledge about this subject.*
*Nada Yoga and Raga Chikitsa form the  backbone of ancient system of music* *therapy,which is highly spiritual and enriched with everlasting energy content.*

*Universe has taken its origin from a sound projection*
*sound is intrinsically related to consciousness, and the term “Nada may also imply “flow of consciousness.”*
*Raga is a unique set of selected notes. It provides immense creative potential for improvisation.*
*The emotional effect of raga is determined by the frequencies of the notes that form the tune and on its swaras.*
*Expressive music activities enhance the positive self-image and improve coping skills.*
*Difference between Indian and Western music is that the fundamental frequency or ‘note’ which is not static but variable in every person because every individual has a unique vibration as well as every musical composition transmits unique feelings and consequently*
*This principle is also applied in music therapy by specialists  as the customized music composed for every patient can be adjusted to his main frequency and the illness he could be dealing with. Through this kind of professional application of music therapy as complementary resource, a lot of improvements can be achieved in the healing process of several health issues*
*Indian classical music and other genre of Indian music treat humen being from different physical & psychological conditions in miraculous way*
*As a music therapist I know the way music heals*

Raga Name: Vasant*

*Artist: Jayteertth Mevundi*

Nature(as per therapy approach):*Ultimate Happiness* 
*Effects:Rejuvenation, Recreation,Enthusiasm, New Start,New Approach.Love*
*P.S:Please listen it but do not watch it as it may reduce the effects,After listening it please ping me how you felt,what sensation you felt in your body,heart and what you felt on emotional level*
*It will be helpful for you to understand how your mind and body respond and how they are feeling!! Better to aware and take care of the self then being sick getting high medicines and life risks !!*
*All posts here only for awareness and educational purposes, please do not circulate,copy,paste.©Dr.Radhika Budhkar*

*Raag Madhuwanti*

*Artist Pt.Jasraj*

*Nature:(as per therapeutical approach)Peace and soft ness*
*Effects:Very good for insomnia,Sleeplessness,Cold,Fever,Viral,Deep Peace,Soothing, Relaxation*
*P.S Don’t put loud sound enjoy it as mild soft music,do let me know the effect you felt.*
*For educational and awareness purpose,effects  may different on person to person*
©Dr.Radhika Veena Sadhika

*If your tears are stuck,you feel that your heart is very stiff,you feel that you are feeling blank or numb if it comes to very sensitive emotional issues,listen this*

*Raga Todi,

Singer Vani Jairam,

Music Pandit Ravi Shankar*

*Listen it 2-3-4-10 times as much as you want*
*Effects ➡you may get flashs of past memory which may be the root cause of trouble,you may cry,you may just be calm*
*Do not listen more then one time if you feel irritating or getting angry,highly emotional,this may be because of the trauma you faced,take deep breath and start your regular work in that case*
*Very effective on emotional pain due to breakup,partner loss for any reason,loss of loved one for any reason,abusive childhood*
*Music therapy is scientific way of treating mental and physical health,but as per its nature every music affect slightly different way to one another*

*Raga* *Name :Janasmmohini*

*Artist: Zarin Daruwala*

*Nature: Divine*
*Effects:Deep Healing ,soothes the mind,calm feeling,Past memories(beautiful & sad), Relieve old hard feelings*
*Results:One may feel mental peace,be creative, Relaxed, Refresh*
*©Dr.Radhika Budhkar*
*Please note posts here are only for awareness & educational purposes,not every person can have exactly same experience.Whatever we are posting here is the part of research work of Dr.Radhika Budhkar and using that for professional purpose is not allowed, Please do not copy paste any post of this group.Here it is for your own wellness and enjoyment and healing*

*Disclaimer: Please note posts and music here only for educational purpose not everyone has same experience,please meet music therapist for best results.

Music therapy is the use of music to address the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of a group or individual. It employs a variety of activities, such as listening to melodies, playing an instrument, drumming, writing songs, and guided imagery. Music therapy is appropriate for people of all ages, whether they are virtuosos or tone deaf, struggling with illnesses or totally healthy. 


Music therapy touches all aspects of the mind, body, brain and behavior. Music can provide a distraction for the mind, it can slow the rhythms of the body, and it can alter our mood, which in turn can influence behaviour.

Gift yourself,your mom and your friend a free music therapy session,let every women have a beautiful- peaceful mother’s day*