Veena Venu Art Foundation



  • To be the most authentic art and music training institution in India.
  • To create awareness regarding music and its training related to various Indian art forms .
  • To provide deep understanding of our cultural heritage specially music, arts and dance.
  • To provide the proper training of Indian Classical Vocal and Semi Classical styles.
  • To create artists.
  • To train students for best playback singers, instrumentalist, music arrangers & composers.
  • To provide training of Indian dance forms.
  • To  promote innovation and creation in the fields of Indian classical music, instruments and dance. 
  • To promote the research through deep understanding of concept and theories.
  • To transfer the heritage of Indian Classical music  and  encourage writing  skills of Indian music and arts.
  • To promote the rare Indian musical instrument in particular Vichitra Veena, Sarangi, Shahnai, Sarod, SurbaharRudra Veena and others.
  • To train students of Indian Classical Vocal in Khyal  & Dhrupad.
  • To promote Indian Values and morals by creating awareness of scientific perspective about music and dance.


  • Rejuvenation of emotions, love, kindness, humanity, spirituality among Indian youth through musical teachings.
  • Resurrection of Indian arts, Culture, Musical Instruments, Music styles,Dance by providing special training to all Indians.
  • Promotion of Indian Artists by organizing Concerts and Baithaks .
  • Expansion of Vocal Music, Rare music, Indian film music, rare instruments, rare music styles and rare arts by taking workshops and lecture demonstration.
  • Extension of divine musical relations and making a new joyful, harmonious, wonderful extended familiar environment for them who are alone and part of either orphanage or old age home.
  • Preservation of health and cure for diseases by giving Music therapy, teaching Music meditation, music healing, Music therapy concerts in hospitals.
  • Education of Music Without any fee for those who are declared as underprivileged by Indian Government.
  • Popularization of our rich traditions like ‘GURU-SHISHYA PARAMPARA’ in all school colleges and universities.
  • Introduction of new musical talents with stalwarts and legendry musicians by together on a single stage.Preservation of Indian archival music by establishing musical libraries.