Veena Venu Art Foundation

Indian Council Of Women Musicians

ICWM has been founded to promote female artist across the globe. To support them , to nurture them, and to become their primary pillar of strength . ICWM will provide a platform to all female artists to present their musical ingenuity and reach audiences across the globe. It will also provide a platform for artists to collaborate across regions/across genres/ and across cultures.
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We shall Do the following for Female Musicians :
1]live telecast of their performances
2] We will circulate the news of their performance ,recordings etc to all social media portals
3] We will arrange the Gatherings
4]We will organize and initiate the Presentations and seminars
5] We will do Publication of their articles/writings on our websites and our e magazine and in our blogs
6] We will organize Live group discussions
7]We will organize live group conversations
8]There will be sessions for Live research papers reading
9]Then can enjoy Being featured as artist of the month on our website and social media portals
10]We will record their Interviews and post on our website
11]We will organize Musical meets
12] We will organize Performances in groups
13]They will be doing Solo Performances with us in our events
14]We will do Promotional activities and their promotions as artists
15]We will record them and release their recordings Recording
Contact us : 9833703592/ 9004911681