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The sound of a flowing river, the chirping of birds, the tinkering of the anklets of a little girl while she walks for her prayers in the early hours of a pleasant morning, the deep and heavy sound of the drums, the pleasing sound of cymbals, the ringing of the bell to wake up the Gods, the pious sound of the conch shell, the melodious recital of the verses of the Samveda, the ageless notes of the beat cycle shining like the ethereal North star, the yearnings of the Gopis mesmerized by the music flowing from Lord Krishna’s flute and the sounds swaying with the wind in a pious evening filled with it, the notes more chaste and pure than the crescent moon belonging to the Goddess Saraswati strumming the Veena, the highest sound of the drums of Lord Ganesha dancing to the beats – the blue lotus like pristine beauty of Indian Classical music with its fragrance has filled the cosmos to its brim .Incredible Music is the Soul Of Incredible India.

Today the highly renowned Indian Classical music is a topic of great passion and study for the foreigners. Success and financial gain in Music and art are the guiding doctrines for an artist in today’s world. Under such circumstances there are only a few artists who have dedicated their efforts and life to the service and conservation of Indian Classical Music without paying heed to the lust of money and fame. Vichitra Veena Player Veena Sadhika Dr. Radhika is one such well known, young artist of today’s generation who has expressed her love for Indian Classical music through the medium of Aarohi promotions.

The prime objective of Aarohi promotions is to popularize the unparalleled Indian Classical music and other genres of Indian Music among the people of the entire world to the level of being loved immeasurably. In line with the same objective, Aarohi Promotionsorganize musical programs throughout the year wherein besides renowned music maestros; a number of proficient artists also present their adept performance of music & vocal arts. Music & verses is a priceless wealth one can possess. The same valuable affluence in the form of music & vocal art is treasured by Aarohi Promotions through “Swar-Dhan” in the form of recordings of Indian classical music. Worthy artists performing classical music whether self- established or consistently making efforts on the path of self -establishment, the recording of such talent is presented by Aarohi Promotions. Along with music performance contests also lectures & workshops aiming at music promotion are organized and successfully conducted by Aarohi, all through the country. Keeping in view the intention of promoting Indian classical music & generating common people’s love & recognition towards it, several innovative projects are implemented by Aarohi Promotions which include music arrangement of various television shows.


Gone are the days when women used to be home confined and constraint . Now they are at par of all the facets of life, Also there are many more who want to be joining the powerful,successful, self reliant . But they need an extra push and we at Aarohi the women empowerment Group do that by training,Grooming and Providing information. We have experts,Counselors,doctors and lawyers to help in our good cause.
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A study says that almost 94% women sacrifice their career for child birth, 77% women sacrifice their carreer due to spouse relocation,71% sacrifice during pregnancy,67% sacrifice for marriage. Huge percentage, isn’t!
 Just think on how half of the population stops potential working due to family reasons and social pressure. In this scenario when almost half of the population of empowered women willingly move out of the work field and give up all the dreams of being successful, how can we dream about a developed nation?
Noticeable fact is that 77% women feel they could have continued working with flexible working hours options. A situation which would be serious to be ignored. I guess you all agree to this.
 There are women who can take up job to get steady income, better living standards, less dependency and run their families comfortably.
What if I say that there is a light out there with endless opportunities* *which you can grasp and live your dream life* *Without making much changes in your current setup – You can live your passion*
*You can be a writer, dancer, singer, photographer, actor, human resource professional, take marketing job, etc..You can also be a trainer or be a counsellor or a housewife or an entrepreneur or be a student or an employee and even employer!
 *We Aarohi the women empowerment group invite you to join us and be with us in our initiative WOMEN OF POWER supported by Veena Venu Art Foundation*
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