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Music is the expression of soul, Music is god and has infinite power. We the Veena Venu Art foundation and Aarohi Promotions promoting Indian Music, Culture and Art . We are dedicated to Music and all forms of Art .We also work for empowerment of women . If you are a musician, Artist, A music or Art lover , A women, A student connect with us.. Send mail to us at or just drop a line on our website . we are always there for you.

Dr. Radhika Veena Sadhika

First Lady Vichitra Veena Player

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Veena Venu Art Foundation
No. 15, Bhumi Raj Kasa,
Near ICICI Bank, Plot No. 5
Sector 15, Sanpada
Navi Mumbai, 400705
Maharashtra, India

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Veena Venu Music Therapy Center


Music with its* *instantaneous pleasing effect can be an answer to India Very few people know about the music therapy,else have very little knowledge about this subject.*
*Nada Yoga and Raga Chikitsa form the  backbone of ancient system of music* *therapy,which is highly spiritual and enriched with everlasting energy content.*

*Universe has taken its origin from a sound projection*

Radha’s Crystals


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